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2021-2022 Committees
Strategic Planning:  Chair Gord Nielsen, Chapman, Meadley, Mullen, M. Walton, Wyjad
Administration: Chair Brenda Rhodes, Borland, Leaitch, Miles, Mullen, Scott
Attendance:  Chair Richard Leaitch, Cox-Godfrey, Fellows, Hultay, Nicholson, Rubio-Cotte, K. Smith
Rotary Centre for Youth:  Chair Nancy Cox-Godfrey, Borland, Galbraith, R. Walton
Finance: Chair Andrew Smellie, Bell-Towns, L. Brouillette, Miles
Community Service
Annie Williams Park:  Chair Ken Anthony, Curran
Christmas Trees:  Chair Rob Clark, Anderson, Denbok, Galbraith, D. Hammond, Mascarin, Stevenson,
R. Walton
Environment & Sustainability:  Chair Neil Hutchinson, Chapman, M. Clark, Fox, Marshall, Nielsen, Polak
Musical:  Chair Neil Hutchinson, Bell-Towns, Cox-Godfrey, Polak
Santa Claus Parade:  Chair Darcy Hammond, R. Clark, Griffin, Marshall, Mascarin, Stevenson,
R. Walton, Wilton
Rotary Centennial Gardens:  Chair Peter Rickard, Barnes, Denbok, Fellows, Green, Jacob, Leaitch, Newroth, Wolochatiuk
Foundation & International Service
Rotary Foundation Programs & Polio Plus:  Chair Ruth Bell-Towns, Akinbinu, Kitchen, Rickard, Tilley,
M. Walton
World Community Service:  Chair Marg Walton, L. Brouillette, Davis, Fellows, Green, K. Montgomery, Newroth, Rickard, Rubio-Cotte, Wyjad
Canada Day Coordinator, Sponsors & Events:  Co-Chairs Gord Nielsen/Brenda Rhodes, Hutchinson, Reprich, Wilton
Canada Day Fireworks Display Crew:  Chair Andrew Smellie, Archibald, Augustine, Semkow
Golf Tournament:  Chair Mark Augustine, Anderson, Caughey, Cox, Davis, Fox, Nicholson, Phillips
Fundraising:  Chair John Mullen, Bell-Towns, Cox-Godfrey, Crockford, Mascarin, Miles, Rhodes,
Smellie, D. Smith, M. Walton
Humanitarian Service
Blood Donors:  Chair Joanne Wolochatiuk, Anthony, Griffin, Kitchen, Miller, K. Smith
Human Support:  Chair Paul Hammond, Archibald, L. Brouillette, Caughey, M. Clark, Curran, Doty,
S. Montgomery, Phillips, Quemby, Wolochatiuk
Rotary Cares:  Chair Paul Hammond, Borland, L. Brouillette, Curran, Doty
Fellowship:  Chair Tim Harvey, Akinbinu, Borland, R. Clark, Galbraith, D. Hammond, Mascarin, Quemby, Scott, Wilton
Member Recruitment, Retention and Engagement:  Chair Karen Quemby, L. Brouillette, P. Hammond, Phillips, D. Smith, Tickle
Alternative Meetings:  Chair Steve Meadley, Anderson, Harvey, Hultay, S. Montgomery, Nielsen, Wyjad
Welcoming/Sergeant-at-Arms: Sgt.-at-Arms Dave Brouillette, Anthony, Archibald, Caughey, Chapman, M. Clark, R. Clark, Green, Hultay, Keating, Rubio-Cotte, Semkow, K. Smith and any new “Red Badge” members
New Generations & Vocational Service
Adult Vocational:  Chair Dave Brouillette, Keating, Kelley, Polak, Semkow
Student Exchange:  Chair Susan Montgomery, Akinbinu, K. Montgomery, Nicholson, Scott
Youth Focus/Youth Vocational: Chair Dan Wyjad, Augustine, Crockford, K. Montgomery, Reprich, Stevenson
Rotaract Connection:  Chair Andrew Smellie, Davis, Kelley, Meadley, Reprich
Public Relations
Citizen of the Year:  Chair Ron Doty, Cox, Fox, P. Hammond, Marshall, D. Smith
Family of Rotary:  Chair Nancy Cox-Godfrey, Miller
Meeting Programs:  Chair Don Smith, Harvey, Keating, Miller, Phillips, Reprich
Public Relations & Technology:  Chair Brenda Rhodes, D. Brouillette, Chapman, Green, Griffin, Hultay, Keating, Kelley, Scott, Semkow, Smellie, Wolochatiuk
Seniors Focus: Chair Carrie Fellows, Barnes, Crockford, Kitchen, Tickle, Tilley, Ward