How to Propose a New Member

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• Sponsor invites the person out to our Club luncheon as our guest...guest can have a look at “us”
• Recommend that guest attend 2 luncheon meetings
• Sponsor fills out a “proposal form” and gives it to the Club Secretary
• Secretary presents “proposal form” to Board, for review and decision to proceed to Membership Committee. If approved,
• Board passes proposal form to membership committee for classification identification
• Membership Committee arranges a "chat" with proposed member to relate club activities & membership details
- Membership Committee takes their decision back to the Board for the Board's final approval or denial of the proposed member
Membership Committee circulates “proposal” to club members for their review
• Guest then can make decision whether to join our Rotary Club
• Guest signs an application form to join our Rotary Club
• New Member Kit is ordered by secretary
• Induction date into our Rotary Club is planned
• New Member is inducted into our Club by the President with the support of all our Club’s members
• Welcome to the Rotary Club of Bracebridge
• One month after induction as a new Member; a Rotarian will be named as mentor to educate & inform our new member of our club and Rotary. (A worksheet has been developed to guide the new member & mentor for the next 6 months).